• MUST SEE: NC soldier reunited with bomb-sniffing service dog after 2 years apart


    RALEIGH, N.C. - It had been two years and two months since a Fort Bragg soldier had last seen his best friend.

    On Thursday, the two were finally reunited at a baggage claim at the Raleigh-Durham Airport.

    Iras and Staff Sgt. Andy Wolf were constant companions.

    The two did two tours together, dodged roadside bombs and bunked together through most of it.

    The German shepherd is a bomb-sniffing dog and smelled his way through more than 100 combat missions with Wolf.

    He credits him for saving countless lives.

    “We didn’t lose one soldier or one piece of equipment through every mission. We didn’t blow up. Everybody all came home,” Wolf said.

    Now, Iras will live out his golden years in Fayetteville with the Wolf family.

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