• Boy, 11, hospitalized after being bullied for liking 'My Little Pony'


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - An 11-year-old boy is at Levine Children's Center in Charlotte after police said he tried to kill himself because he was bullied.

    Michael Morones' parents have spoken out, saying he was bullied for liking the TV show, "My Little Pony."

    People across the country have heard Michael’s story and are going to tattoo shops, getting tattoos of the show's characters in a push to take a stand against bullying.

    “It's a reminder for us that every day I see that tattoo and I think that what I say to somebody might affect them in a way that pushes them over the board. They might be the person who hurts themselves," said Justine Zerangue, an employee at Customs Tattoo Shop.
    Tattoo stores in Louisiana and Texas are donating proceeds to the Morones' anti-bullying campaign and to the family to help with hospital costs.

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