• National Guard in Charlotte to help during storm

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In preparation for the storm, several North Carolina National Guard units have been brought into the Charlotte area.
    Several Humvees were parked at Fire Station No. 10 in west Charlotte. They will use the trucks to rescue people from local highways or homes if needed.
    The National Guard will also help Charlotte’s Fire Department respond to a host of other emergency calls.
    North Carolina’s Emergency Management Agency called in the National Guard to help in Charlotte, Asheville and Hickory.  
    "A large thing we want to help out with is any transportation issues also transporting any food and water to the shelters or specific locations,” said Sgt. First Class Lawrence Hillebrand with the National Guard.
    The National Guard and CFD have both been charged by the governor to make sure no one in is stranded either in homes, or on the roadways so they say that is their most important goal over these next few days.

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