NC health secretary to reveal food stamps status



CHARLOTTE - Gov. Pat McCrory's administration decided to wait on saying publicly whether a backlog of food stamp applications has been cleared before a federal deadline until appearing before a North Carolina legislative committee.

Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos (vahsh) was scheduled to speak Tuesday morning to the oversight panel. Her department says she'll give an update on the food stamp situation.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture gave North Carolina until Monday to process a backlog of more than 23,000 food stamp applications and renewals that had been pending for more than 90 days. The applications are supposed to be processed by law within 30 days. The USDA threatened the loss of administrative funds to run the program unless the state met the deadline.

Channel 9 has been reporting on the ongoing problems with the state’s NC Fast Program for months.

Some families had to wait months to get the food stamps they need.

The federal government gave North Carolina until Monday to get the backlog of applications under control before losing money.