NC delegates happy to see convention in Charlotte

by: Scott Wickersham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte native Hiawatha Foster has been looking forward to this week since she was selected as a North Carolina delegate in June.

“I’ve been to several conventions. But for the convention to be in my hometown -- Charlotte, North Carolina -- is almost unbelievable,” Foster said.

The party touts this delegation’s diversity, and it was evident in the people we spoke to.

“You talk about diversity -- this was my American dream. And I earned it,” Ron Sanyal, from Raleigh, said.

Gwen Wilkins is the first vice chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

“We are so glad it’s here in Charlotte,” Wilkins said. “It’s going to help us to carry the state for the president. We’re really working hard, boots on the ground, going door to door, getting the vote out.”  

That’s something Eyewitness News has heard echoed many times this week -- that even if Democrats lose in November, Charlotte will win.

“I think more conventions will come and big events like this,” Ed Booth said.