• NC NAACP seeks quicker 12th special election

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) (AP)ong> - The NAACP wants Gov. Pat McCrory to speed up the special election schedule to fill the vacancy of a North Carolina congressional seat, saying it will otherwise deny representation to hundreds of thousands of citizens for too long. 

    State NAACP President the Rev. William Barber said Tuesday the governor should set the 12th District special election date earlier than Nov. 4 -- the same date as the general election. 

    That means the seat Mel Watt resigned last week will be empty for 10 months. McCrory has said a different special election schedule would be confusing and costly to administer.

    Two congressmen also have asked McCrory to accelerate the special election. An NAACP lawyer suggested legal action is likely without changes. McCrory's spokesman called the threat more "litigation games" from Barber.

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