• NC residents defending state after New York Times editorial


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - People all over North Carolina are defending the Tar Heel State after The New York Times published an editorial called "The Decline of North Carolina."

    The article points to Moral Monday protests and subsequent arrests as a sign of "grotesque" damage caused by the new Republican majority in the legislature.

    Gov. Pat McCrory's office took offense, releasing a response stating, "The New York Times editorial is riddled with errors, and maybe if they came to North Carolina, they would understand that Gov. McCrory remains 100% focused on the economy, education, and government efficiency as he has been for the first six months in office."

    It also cites the repeal of the Racial Justice Act and cuts to spending for public schools.

    "I feel it's an unfair statement to make," said North Carolina resident Adrian Coumas. "We did have the DNC here and as we grow as a business center, the balance between the two parties get better all the time."

    "I think it's getting better. Everywhere is having a tough time, but I'd say no, it's getting better," said resident John Doggette, who is unemployed.

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