• Leaders working on state budget, teacher pay


    RALEIGH, N.C. - The North Carolina General Assembly and governor are working on amendments to the state budget for a number of items, including teacher pay.

    The state’s budget will remain in effect for another year. The amendment process has time to continue because the budget is in effect.

    Channel 9 has been covering the issue of teacher pay for months and it's one of the most controversial parts of the budget. That's because the Senate and House can't agree on how much to increase teachers' salaries.

    The House has proposed an average 5 percent raise. It's a plan Gov. Pat McCrory has publicly backed. Last week McCrory and House lawmakers made a joint announcement in favor of that plan.

    The Senate has a different proposal, though. Its plan would give teachers an 11 percent raise. The plan would also cut teaching assistant positions and ask teachers to give up tenure.

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