• Neighbors of YouTube dad say he 'Opened a can of worms'


    STANLY CO, N.C.,None - Neighbors of the Stanly County man who posted a video on YouTube of himself shooting his daughter’s laptop are being hounded by media from all over.

    Tommy Jordan’s neighbors told Channel 9 their neighborhood is getting flooded with people trying to track him down.

    “(He’s) opened a can of worms. It’s magnified everything. And it’s going stronger, I believe,” said neighbor Gilbert Roberts.


    Channel 9 went to Jordan’s house on Tuesday, but no one was home.

    Jordan posted the clip, "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen," of him shooting his daughter’s computer after finding her post on Facebook complaining about her chores.

    In addition to spectators, neighbors said national news crews have camped out near Jordan’s house trying to speak with him.


    Jordan has not spoken publicly since posting the video that nearly 24 million people have now watched, except on his Facebook page.

    On Tuesday, Jordan posted that the media has mis-reported some information, including that he is a former Marine.



    “You do a great disservice to the current military men and women who serve this country by referring to me as a 'former Marine' in your article,” his post read.

    His post continued, “I actually DID try to go back into the US Army last year, but thanks to a Navy corpsman with poor penmanship skills who can't tell a 'P' from an 'F' on my paperwork, the US Army won't consider me.”

    On Monday, Channel 9 spoke to Albemarle police about all the calls they have received about Jordan’s video.


    Albemarle police told Channel 9 that it has received dozens of emails and calls.

    “We are getting calls from other states … Pittsburgh … Texas … and one person called from out of the country,” said Albemarle Police Chief William Halliburton.

    “Some people saying ‘Finally a parent is doing something to take control,’ and then on the other side you have people saying ‘absolutely not.  This is crossing the line.  And we demand something be done about this,’” said  Halliburton.

    Police told Channel 9 they can’t do anything about the video because Jordan lives outside city limits.

    Sheriff’s deputies in Stanly County said Jordan hasn’t broken any laws.  Both agencies deny that they have applauded Jordan as he has claimed on his Facebook page.

    If there is a bright spot for Jordan's daughter, it appears she has at least one job offer from an ice cream shop in the town of Stanley. The offer was posted on YouTube Friday after Jordan's video went viral.


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