New mandates mean more tests for CMS students

by: Alan Cavanna Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - New state mandates mean North Carolina students will be taking more standardized tests this year.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School officials said there are 22 new tests for high school subjects, and some for fourth and eighth-graders.

The results of the tests will factor into a teacher's evaluation.

Parents, former teachers and school officials expressed some concerns about the new exams.

No one in CMS has seen the tests yet.

Parents worried it create an environment where teachers teach student only to pass a test.

"If everyone has to teach to the same exam and that has to be a part of the grade, then I worry we are going to get more of that 'cookie cutter' teacher," parent Pam Grundy said.

CMS said federal money will likely help the district help pay for the cost of administering the tests.