New Orleans family to be reunited with dog found in Cabarrus Co.

by: Andrew Doud Updated:


CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. - It's been a long road for an eight-pound poodle named Shorty. He has been at the Cabarrus Animal Hospital for two weeks, and with some luck he may be going home soon.

Shorty has generated a lot of interest after a passerby discovered him wandering down the road on Sept. 11.

"The dog was in really poor shape -- skin and bones, had lots of fleas, very matted, very dirty,” Dr. Blake Peurifoy said.

Peurifoy said they scanned him for a microchip and it came back to a family in New Orleans.

"I get this call that Shorty has been found on the streets of North Carolina, and I’m shocked and my kids are in disbelief," said his owner, Ron Jackson.

Jackson said they got Shorty after Hurricane Katrina. When Hurricane Gustav threatened years later, they decided not to take their chances.

They stayed with family in North Carolina and brought Shorty with them. Jackson said their living situation was too crowded so they boarded Shorty.

"One day turned to two, and we just realized that we just couldn't keep Shorty at the time," Jackson said.

So they gave him up for adoption and, years later, assumed the now 15-year-old dog had passed on.

It's unclear how Shorty ended up on the side of the road, but the vet said he's doing everything he can to make sure Shorty gets back to New Orleans.

"We're just so happy that he has made it through years of being away from us,” Jackson said.

Shorty still has several medical procedures to go through. Vets said when he is healthy enough to travel, they don't want to put him on a plane. They would rather have someone volunteer to drive him to New Orleans. They said already they've received numerous offers, but it could be several weeks before he's healthy enough to make the trip.