• New survey finds support for red light cameras in Charlotte

    By: Blaine Tolison


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Red light cameras have a troubled past in Charlotte, but there is still support for them.

    A recent survey by the Charlotte Department of Transportation shows that hundreds of locals support cameras on area roads to catch dangerous driving.

    Courts nixed the cameras in Charlotte in 2006 because local schools weren't getting enough of the revenue and leaders felt that the companies running them charged too much.

    But on Monday, even drivers Channel 9 spoke with said they would support the cameras.

    "As long as nobody is taking advantage of the situation, then maybe it'll be OK," said one motorist.

    That survey, which gathered opinions from more than 400 people, found that 66 percent supported red light cameras.

    Currently, leaders aren't taking action, but the survey could influence decisions down the road.

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