• New video suggests NCAG's run for governor in 2016


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A new video released by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper further suggests he'll run for governor in two years.
    Cooper tweeted a web video Thursday which slams legislative actions taken by Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration and the Republican-controlled General Assembly during the past year.
    Without an official announcement, the three-minute clip strongly suggests he'll be a candidate.
    "In the weeks and months ahead, we'll be building an organization from the ground up to take back North Carolina from those who are doing so much harm,” Cooper said in the video.
    He focused on changes to unemployment benefits, the voter ID law and education funding.
    Cooper has hinted at running for governor for months.
    McCrory's office has not responded to the web ad, but a spokesperson for the North Carolina Republican Party said, "Neglecting his elected duties, Roy Cooper is actively campaigning on the taxpayers' dime, politicizing the very same laws he has a responsibility to defend in court."
    One of those laws is the voter ID law passed last year.
    Cooper has spoken out against it, but insists he will do everything in his power as attorney general to defend it in court.

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