• New Year's Eve arrest numbers down from 2011

    By: Tenikka Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - It was a pretty safe night for those who brought in the new year in Uptown Charlotte.

    Overall, arrests were down from last year.

    Thousands packed the streets for First Night Charlotte. Kiera and Courtney were first timers at the annual Uptown event.

    Their plan of action: "Enjoying the festivities. Having a good time. Trying not to get into trouble."

    While the women planned to be on their best behavior, there were hundreds of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers on the streets to deal with any problems.

    When the crowds cleared, the numbers were counted and police said arrests were down compared with last year.

    Twenty adults were arrested overnight for crimes, including trespassing and disorderly conduct. Thirty-one adults were arrested a year ago.

    One of the arrests was for assault on an officer. CMPD said that officer was not seriously injured.

    Police also busted four juveniles for curfew violations, a 75 percent drop from last year when there were 16 arrests.

    MEDIC also had ambulances on standby across Uptown overnight and responded to several minor emergencies.

    The city classified First Night Charlotte as an "extraordinary event." The same designation was used during the Democratic National Convention, banning people from having items like mace, backpacks and fireworks.

    Overall, many thought the queen city brought in 2013 on a good note.

    The partygoers said, "It was really nice. It was well put together. Glad we were safe."

    Police hope things in the city stay that way.

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