• No decision in Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action


    WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court decided not to make a decision on affirmative action used in admissions to universities and colleges Monday.

    This all stems from a case brought by a white woman who said affirmative action policies discriminated against her when she was denied admission to the University of Texas.

    The Supreme Court could have ruled such policies that look at race along with grades during the admission’s process unconstitutional.

    But, a 7-1 vote send the case back to the Fifth Circuit Federal Appeals telling them to decide if the rules discriminate.

    “Did they go too far? Did they discriminate against the white petitioners?" said John Szmer with University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Political Science Department.

    If the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided it does, Szmer said the case could return to the Supreme Court and be upheld which would affect admission policies across the country.

    “If they do make a far-reaching decision, it will affect the admissions of the entire UNC system,” said Szmer.

    If the Fifth Court of Appeals decides the university discriminated it could be two years before the case gets back to the Supreme Court.

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