Nurse attacked outside hospital describes ordeal



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Kristen Lash, a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital, was stabbed four times when she left work early one morning.

"Once here, once here, and then in my back right here," Lash said, describing her wounds. "I was scared to death. I thought my kids were probably not going to have a mom anymore."

Lash was getting into her car when a man ran up to her with a knife.

"I said, 'Just take my stuff, please don't kill me. I have two kids at home,' and he stabbed me in the shoulder," Lash said. "I saw the knife and it was like a hunting knife. It was very large. […] There were like grooves cut out of the sides and it was dirty. I saw that it was dirty."

She said she can still hear the man yelling at her, even two weeks after the attack. As he screamed at her to get into the car, she remembered an old email from the police that said to make noise and run.

"I think adrenaline kicked in after that," she said. "I don't remember fighting and screaming."

Lash was able to kick herself free even after being stabbed by her attacker.

"As I was running, I turned around to make sure he wasn't chasing me and he was at my car going through all my stuff," she said.

She's recovering at home with her sons and boyfriend by her side. She said cards come every day in the mail.

"They've just let me know people are thinking about me," she said.

Lash goes back to the hospital for surgery next week.