Protesters leave city parks after camping out during DNC

by: Kathryn Burcham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Protesters who had camped at city parks for nearly a week during the Democratic National Convention have now left.

Mecklenburg County Parks & Rec officials and CMPD officers oversaw the protesters’ exit from Marshall Park around noon on Friday.

County officials notified the protesters that they needed to leave early Friday morning, and allowed them a few hours to break down camp, clean and pack up.

But several protesters who are with the Occupy Wall Street movement told Eyewitness News they had no other place to go.

"What we need is help from any resource available to us right now," said a protester who identified himself as "Sweet."

He hoped the city would provide some sort of financial assistance, like bus tickets, to help the protesters travel back to their home base in New York City.

Later in the day, protesters learned a local church was offering to help house them, along with a resident who allowed them to use a backyard as a temporary campsite.

Some members of the movement predicted they would be able to leave Charlotte by Monday morning.

Meanwhile, park workers began the process of cleaning up the park for public use, including a sweep of the grounds, cutting the grass and testing the ponds for e coli.