Officers from across country to be in Charlotte during DNC

by: Erica Bryant Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - When CMPD officers traveled to Chicago in May to help with security during the NATO summit, they saw thousands of protesters and streets patrolled by officers in standard uniforms.

Just a block away was a huge force of officers in various stages of riot, SWAT and protective gear ready to move in in an instant.

There's a similar strategy in Charlotte for next week's Democratic National Convention.

“You're going to see police officers out of the way and allowing people to feel comfortable in the city, but also nearby if needed to respond,” Deputy Chief Harold Medlock said.

Also similar to Chicago, law enforcement from all over the nation will be here to help, including nearly every department in North Carolina.

“You'll see a lot of South Carolina departments, Georgia, Virginia. All over the country -- Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Pittsburgh,” Medlock said.

There will also be officers from Milwaukee, Minnesota, Texas and metro D.C.

In all, there will be thousands of officers to show Charlotte and the world that the city is ready and safe.

“We don't have any expectation that anyone will create mischief in our city,” Medlock said. “We're all adults, and folks who come here to demonstrate -- we expect them to act that way.”