• Officers: Thieves stole $30,000 in computers from elementary school


    MORGANTON, N.C. - Computers were ripped out of desks, cabinets were flipped over, paper was everywhere and teachers and students found the damage when they walked into Forest Hill Elementary School in Morganton on Wednesday.

    Thieves took $44,000 of computers, and destroyed even more.

    Parents told Eyewitness News they are outraged they targeted their school.

    Several investigators are working the case and said they are now offering a reward.

    "It is just sad because it is taking away from our kids," said Jessica Smith.

    It is the reaction many parents had after learning news of the break-in here at Forest Hill School in Morganton.

    The thieves stole 24 Apple MacBook Pro computers.

    Megan Yates said her third-grade son learned a lot by using the computers.

    "I think it is a shame that someone would do that to a school here. Kids, it is very important to them. It is a learning utensil and we use it quite frequently," she said.

    Each one of the MacBook pros is valued at $1,800.

    Investigators are still trying to determine how the thieves got inside but did tell us they found a window open.

    The school district says once inside several doors were damaged, and filing cabinets were overturned.

    The mess has been cleaned up but it may take some time to replace all of the computers.

    Yates has a message for whoever is responsible.

    "Shame on you, probably, because that is just ridiculous to break into a school," said Yates.

    Public safety officers said they did recover a key piece of evidence at the school.

    They found some blood possibly left behind by one of the thieves who possibly cut themselves during the break-in.

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