• Parents rush to Quail Hollow Middle after 11 students sickened

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Frightened parents rushed to Quail Hollow Middle School's campus Wednesday afternoon to pick up their kids.

    "Very scary, very scary," said Crystal Bridges. 
    Parents said the school contacted them saying several students became sick playing on the football field during activity time.
    "A lot of kids were affected by it. Shortness of breath. Eyes irritated.  They called and I came to get my son,” said Denise Kimbell. 
    Eleven students were treated in Medic's mass casualty bus for minor injuries like red burning, and shortness of breath.  One seventh-grader said the symptoms started after they smelled a very strong odor.
    "My head started hurting like someone was kicking me in the head. That’s when all the symptoms came and that’s when everything started hurting,” the student said.
    Charlotte's Fire Department investigated, but couldn't find out what made the students sick, because they said the substance had already dissipated. 
    Parents said they were just happy everyone was okay. 
    "Very relieved and the school was very quick to give us a  phone call and let us know what was going on,” said one parent.
    Students returned to the field that very same night for various athletic practices.

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