• Organizers bring domestic violence awareness to uptown

    By: Eric Philips


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Dozens marched in uptown Charlotte Thursday to honor a slain school teacher who police said was the victim of domestic violence.
    At the march, there was a drum beating in the background every 15 seconds representing how often someone becomes a victim.
    Investigators said Bianca Tanner's boyfriend Angelo Smith killed her and hid her body before calling police to report her missing.
    "And I've cried for Bianca and prayed everyday that they'd find her and the longer it took I knew it would be too late, i felt it in my heart it was too late," said participant Charlene Goode.
    Garshea Arnia said she still remembers well her days of abuse.
    "The abuse from hell that caused me to question my life. 'I don't know where I am going. What's my name, who am I?'" Arnia said.
    Organizers said they want people to understand that domestic violence starts before things get physical.
    "So what we want to do is get a message to people that there is a lot of domestic violence that happens before somebody is killed or somebody is seriously hurt and there's help out there," said Bea Cote with the Domestic Violence Advocacy Council.
    Ronald Moore said he was an abuser and didn't know it.
    "Because I didn't know about domestic violence and then I didn't know I'm carrying on the traits that my father carried on," Moore said. "I want to be that loving father and that loving husband and somebody that went down that road, and got some information and learning how to change their life around."
    The Domestic Violence Advocacy Council holds a march in uptown the Thursday after every domestic homicide in Mecklenburg County.
    Tanner's death makes the second one this year. There have been 24 this year in North Carolina.

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