Organizers of RNC, DNC say conventions are open, accessible

by: Blair Miller Updated:


TAMPA, Fla. - All across Tampa, the Republican National Convention is leaving its footprint, from the main events at The Forum in downtown to the delegate meetings at many hotels surrounding the city, some an hour from downtown.

But if you're not a delegate and not there reporting on the convention, it's hard to get in on the action, and convention planners for the DNC in Charlotte have noticed.

“Well, the Republicans aren't going to have any open events. There are really excited Republicans who aren't going to be able to get into one of their convention's festivities,” said Melanie Rousell with the DNC.

The DNC is touting its festival on Monday, which is open to the public, and some of the delegate meetings next week will be open, too.

But in Tampa, the man in charge of the RNC, Reince Priebus, is launching back at officials in Charlotte.

“This is as open as you can imagine. I mean, you can say a lot of things, but it's pretty much garbage,” Priebus said.

Republicans are also calling attention to how open the DNC has really been about its fundraising, and saying it's not as grassroots as they want people to think.

“They've got shadow groups and corporations paying for all of their things, and to me, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors,” Priebus said.

The DNC committee responded, saying they've "instituted the strongest and furthest-reaching rules ever established governing fundraising and special interest access at a convention.  Chairman Priebus' comments don't quite pass the laugh test since the Republicans are hosting a four-day exclusive event.”