• Over $10,000, dozen cellphones stolen from Charlotte store

    By: Trish Williford


    Police said $10,000 and more than a dozen cellphones were stolen from a south Charlotte cellphone store.

    Police said the thieves cut security lines to the building so they would not be caught, but on Monday night, Eyewitness News learned investigators still found clues that help them track down the thieves.

    The robbery occurred at the Boost Mobile store on South Boulevard in the early morning on Sunday.

    CMPD detectives said three thieves first cut the store's security lines before they used to a crowbar to pry open the back door.

    Once inside, police said the thieves smashed open a safe and stole over $10,000.

    Store owners told Eyewitness News that the thieves also stuffed 14 cellphones in two backpacks before they made their getaway.

    Police obtained surveillance video from a store next door that captured the crime.

    Business owners in this complex didn't want to be identified but admit they're disturbed by the crime.

    When Eyewitness News asked the owner if he was disturbed by the crime he replied "Yes. It is the same plaza. If they can break in one place then they can break into another easily."

    Earlier in July, at least five police departments between North and South Carolina investigated break-ins at cellphone stores that stretch across the area, with two in Charlotte, one in Hickory and the rest in York County.

    At most of the stores, the thieves threw rocks or concrete into the front door to get in.

    Right now, investigators have not linked these robberies to the one on South Boulevard on Sunday.

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