Over $75,000 worth of synthetic drugs seized from tattoo parlor


Alice Deaton

ALBEMARLE, N.C. - The Albemarle Police Department seized bath salts, synthetic pot, and salvia from the Back Room after receiving multiple complaints from citizens, medical facilities, and even other law enforcement agencies about the business.

Drug agents served a warrant on the business Friday.

Among the items seized were 177 grams of bath salts, worth about $12,000, over 4,000 grams of synthetic pot, valued at $60,000, and 211 grams of salvia, which could sell for more than $5,000.

Police also found other drug paraphernalia at the store.

The owner, Jesse Menefee, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession and trafficking drugs.

The Back Room is located across the street from a day care, so Menefee was also charged with selling drugs within 300 feet of a child development center.

One employee, Alice Deaton, was also charged with possessing drugs.

Jamie R. Burleson was also charged with misdemeanor drug possession.