• Parents to voice concern over students separated by race at school


    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. - Outraged parents plan to voice their anger about a principal in Chesterfield County, two weeks after she divided her school into groups based on race and gender.
    It is the first school board meeting since the incident happened where parents could speak out, and they expect a full house Monday night.
    The principal at Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School, Andrea Hampton, said she was trying to find a way to get kids to motivate each other, so she held separate pep talks for black students, and male and female students. 
    Some parents said the move was divisive and treats students unequally.
    The principal, who is black, has taken a lot of heat over the incident and some said they want her to resign.
    However, some parents at the meeting have voiced support for Hampton and said it shouldn’t have become this big of an issue.
    "Dr. Hampton is a great principal.  I mean, the talks she had, she was just trying to inspire the kids to do better, and that's all because she takes up her time with those kids,” said parent Carolyn Campbell. “She treats every kid like it's her own child."
    The school district said the groups the principal divided the students into are federally-recognized subgroups that have shown achievement gaps in testing.
    The school board plans only to hear comments, but isn't expecting to take any action Monday night.
    An Eyewitness News crew will be inside during the meeting. Watch Eyewitness News at 10 and 11 p.m. for the latest developments and the comments from parents.

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