• Pastor defends controversial comments after NBA player comes out

    By: Kathryn Burcham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A University City pastor is defending controversial comments he made on social media after an NBA player announced he is openly gay.

    Pastor Michael Stevens of University City Church told Channel 9 that even the gay members of his own congregation would support his opinions that he expressed Monday night on his public Facebook page.

    One comment read, "This is a very sad day for America... and for the Prez to call this h---? Wow!"

    When asked about his use of the four-letter gay slur, Stevens defended his word choice.

    "For the record straight, homosexuality -- and I use h--- for short -- not as a slur, but shorthand writing to get my thought out real quick, whether it's Twitter or whether it's Facebook," Stevens said.

    Stevens did not apologize for his comments, which also included a second post that read, "...he want's another man to rub all on him? This is not gay... it's homosexually sin and sick!"

    "In fact there's no apologies necessary, this man has chosen this lifestyle, homosexuality... chooses to have a same sex relationship. What's offensive about that? That's what they chose to do," Stevens told Channel 9.

    Stevens also said he has researched homosexuality and counseled gay members of his own congregation.

    Tuesday afternoon he posted on his Facebook page that the word "h---" is not a slur and that members of the media need to "accept it and move on."

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