• Pastor speaks about 1 victim of fatal Harrisburg shooting

    By: Tina Terry


    HARRISBURG, N.C. - Eyewitness News is learning more about one of the men gunned down by his own neighbor in Cabarrus County.

    We first told you that Anthony Hardy killed his two neighbors and then himself Friday.

    The pastor of one of the victims spoke to Eyewitness News Monday. The Rev. John Cashwell of Providence Baptist Church in Harrisburg said victim Gary Stocks was a devout member of the church.

    "Gary was just a great guy, wonderful warm individual," said Cashwell.

    Cashwell said the church was like a second home to Stocks and his wife, April. He said Stocks helped oversee a ministry that fed hungry children every weekend.

    "I don't think he ever met a stranger, didn't meet anyone he didn't want to do anything for."

    Deputies said Friday Stocks and his neighbor Dan Kirchner were gunned down in their quiet Harrisburg neighborhood.

    Police would later reveal the men were shot by their neighbor Anthony Hardy, a man Cashwell said they always went out of their way to help.

    "He was hospitalized recently and the person he called to get him from the hospital was Gary," said Cashwell.

    Neighbors have said there was a feud between Hardy and the two victims, but Cashwell said that is not true.

    ""Our community has lost some wonderful men and there was no feud, no disagreement."

    Cashwell said Stocks' wife is the preschool minister director at the church. He said she has strong faith in God and that is helping her through this time.

    A funeral for Gary Stocks will take place at the church on Thursday at 2 p.m. Cashwell said it is open to the public.

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