• Peeping Tom suspected in more than 20 cases back in jail

    By: Trish Williford


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - A convicted peeping Tom suspected in more than 20 cases is back in jail.

    Police said they found him in a Rock Hill attic in violation of his probation.

    Eyewitness News spoke on Tuesday night with one victim who said she is still afraid.

    Ishiya Evans was not surprised at all to hear the news. Evans said she's come face to face with Travis Cousar more times than she'd like to remember and she said each time she's caught him staring at her through her bedroom window.

    She said their first encounter happened in 2008.

    "Me and him caught eye contact and he ran and I ran," she said.

    On Tuesday night, Cousar was jailed on probation violation charges. He previously served a year in jail on harassment charges.

    As part of his probation, Cousar was supposed to remain outside of Rock Hill, but on Tuesday, police said they found him hiding in an attic on Pecan Circle not too far away from where Evans lives.

    "He's on the prowl. He's going to do it again," she said.

    Police have linked Cousar to more than 20 peeping Tom cases since 2008.

    Last July a cellphone video captured him jumping from the window of his mother's house and running as police went inside.

    Evans said she expects to see Cousar again and she's afraid for her life.

    She wants police to keep him behind bars.

    "I most certainly do. I have children. I do feel like what is one of the days he's going to creep in my house and do something to me," she said.

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