Police: 1 dead after crash in north Charlotte

by: Torie Wells Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are investigating a fatal crash in north Charlotte that shut down part of North Tryon Street and East Sugar Creek Road for hours.

They said 27-year-old Kathleen Bland was killed. Police said her car hit a curb, then a utility pole and started to flip. It then hit a truck, continued to flip and landed on a church's front lawn.

“Just shaken, because it was just a few moments that I didn't go through at that specific time," said driver Bannie Taylor.

Taylor said she drives through there every morning, usually right around when the accident happened. She saw the victim’s car and others nearby and said the crash really made her think.

"If I were driving through here, it could have been my car or me," Taylor said.

Eyewitness News spoke with someone who was driving by at the time of the accident. He said off-camera that debris and damage on his car came from the accident. He thinks Bland’s car flew over his own.

He said he just feels lucky to be alive.

Eyewitness News saw three cars with dents and broken windows and a truck which looked like it had been hit. Police said a total of five cars, included Bland’s, were involved.

"We have several vehicles involved," said Capt. Nick Pellicone with CMPD. "It looks like a bunch of pieces from all the cars are spread out."

Investigators spent hours at the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Police said speed was a factor but they don't know if Bland had a medical condition.

Crews had to install a new utility pole and fix the flashing traffic lights.

Debris on the road and the lawn remained even after that, a reminder to those who saw the accident how fleeting life can be.

"It makes us think. We don't know -- we never know before we leave home what will take place. But it makes us think about being more cautious and more careful," Taylor said.