• Police: 14 handguns stolen from Taylorsville pawn shop

    By: Dave Faherty


    TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. - As many as 14 handguns were stolen from a pawn shop in Taylorsville, Taylorsville police said.
    Investigators said the thief was in and out of the business in about a minute during a break-in Monday morning at Mr. G's Pawn and Trade.
    "We work hard for what little bit we have in this world, and for somebody to just walk in and take it is troublesome,” said owner Linda Davis.

    The pawn shop is a block away from the Taylorsville Police Department.

    Police believe the thief disabled the alarm system and then used a rock to smash a front window.
    The thief stole popular firearms, like a Charter Arms Pink Lady and a Diamond Back Muddy Girl.
    "(They’re) just something they knew they could sell quick. Higher-end guns,” owner Tony Davis said.
    Investigators said they have the serial numbers for all of the guns taken. They estimate the dollar value for the weapons at well above $5,000. 
    The thief won't receive that amount selling the guns on the street and that could be the break they need.
    "If you come across a firearm where the deal is too good to be true than it is probably too good to be true,” said Capt. Doug Bowman, with the Taylorsville Police Department.

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