Mother of teen shooting victim says she isn't angry at suspects

by: Kathryn Burcham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The mother of an east Charlotte teen shot to death said she is not angry at the five teens charged in connection with his murder.

Tuesday, the mother of 15-year-old Kydaryuni "KC" Curry told Eyewitness News she is staying strong by relying on her faith.

"I'm not upset at anybody, I'm not angry with the boys. It's not just my loss. Their families are going to lose their kids too, and they're all kids, which is unfortunate. Wasted lives," Benita Turner said.

Turner said she hoped the five suspects would "make it right with God."

Turner also told Channel 9 she had a premonition three months ago that her son would die tragically.

"I can't really explain it to you, but God was speaking to me...He revealed it, I accepted it and I prepared for it. So that's why the day it happened, I had the strength that I had, because I knew God had already told me," Turner said.

Tuesday morning, the CMPD VCAT team and homicide detectives arrested Jeremy Pate, Dedric McKenzie, Bruck Fekadu, Sheldon Gregory and Samuel Walker, Jr.

Officers said all five were in an SUV together Sunday night when shots were fired at a home on Northgate Trail Drive, but have not identified the shooter.

Detectives said the suspects did not know Curry, but there was some sort of confrontation between them on Saturday night, where the shooter felt Curry had "disrespected him over a girl."

Tuesday afternoon, Pate and Fekadu faced a judge inside the Mecklenburg County courthouse.

Fekadu was assigned a $1 million bond by the judge. His father, Fekadu Birega, was in the courtroom for the hearing, and broke down in tears while talking to reporters outside.

"The officer, [she] said he is responsible for murder," Birega said. "I'm sorry...if he did it, he will have to pay the price for it."

Pate was not given a bond, and will return to court on Sept. 26.

The other three suspects will have initial hearings on Wednesday afternoon.