• Police: Bullet holes found in mobile classroom of elementary school

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are still investigating bullet holes found in a portable classroom at Briarwood Elementary School.

    The investigation has finished outside the elementary school, and the good news is that nobody was hurt.
    Police said this happened over the weekend when students weren't on campus.
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools police said someone from the school found bullet holes Monday morning and called police.
    Police wouldn't say exactly how many bullet holes they found or exactly when it happened. Channel 9 spoke with a parent who lives just down the street. He said he heard something loud Saturday night.
     “It was Saturday night, and I heard a noise and my son had said to me, 'We heard gunfire,'" said parent Myer Dahn.
    Channel 9 also spoke with someone else who lives in this neighborhood. He said while he wasn't here Saturday, it's not unusual for police to be in the area.
    "They stop in the parking lot, and they sit there. They're looking at something, like something happened,” said Davis Yang.
    School was held as usual on Monday.

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