Police investigating claims of drug-laced candy

by: Dan Tordjman Updated:


IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. - The Sheriff's Department's Crime Lab is examining candy, which some parents say were laced with drugs and distributed by a student at West Iredell Middle School.

"I'm very angry," said Stacy Sidden.

Sidden said her son Casey, 13, fell sick last Wednesday after he told her that another student gave him lollipops, which came with a dipping powder.

"I could see something wasn't right," Sidden said. "This (powder) was chunky white stuff and black stuff. There were clear and blue crystals."

While it's unclear what the substance was, Casey was taken to the hospital and tested positive for opiates. A drug screening could not rule out the possibility that he'd ingested bath salts.

"My child doesn't get in trouble at all, so when he told me he ate candy, he ate candy," said Sidden.

Sidden told us she's heard that four other students have also gotten sick from the candy.

She said she expected Iredell-Statesville School District to come down hard on the student who distributed the candy but that hasn't happened.

"At this point, the rumors are completely unfounded," said ISS spokesperson, Dawn Creason.

ISS has tried to squash the rumors by sending out letters to parents at West Iredell Middle and High School, stating that the threat of laced candy is really no threat at this point.

"If (test results) come back ... positive and it was the candy and this candy was distributed in school, then we'll deal with it," said Creason. "It's premature to deal with it until we have results back."

The Iredell County Sheriff's Department said results of tests being done on the candy could be complete by Wednesday.