Police: Homeless teenager stabbed another, facing attempted murder

by: Ken Lemon Updated:


Police arrested a 17-year-old on Tuesday, accusing him of stabbing a homeless teenager in downtown Gastonia.

Reporter Ken Lemon spoke with employees at Tequila’s, a West Main Avenue restaurant, who called 911 when the injured teenager stumbled inside for help.

Nineteen-year-old Steven Green ran into the restaurant bleeding. Police said Green was stabbed by another homeless teenager.

“At first we were just surprised because we didn’t know what was going on,” said waitress Stephanie Ruiz. “He was really scared, he was freaking out.”

Police said the suspect, Jonathan Landsdale, knows Green. The two teenagers had past arguments.

On Monday night they bumped into each other at the pavilion in downtown Gastonia. Landsdale had a woman with him.

“He said they were just bullying him,” Ruiz said.

Green was stabbed in the shoulder and chest. Customers were eating on the porch of Tequila’s when Green rushed by them, his hand covering the wound in his chest.

A surveillance video showed Landsdale chasing Green.

“He was actually about to faint before the cops and ambulance got here because he was bleeding a lot,” Ruiz said.

Police said Green would have died if he did not get immediate medical attention. They found Landsdale about a block away. He is charged with attempted second-degree murder.