• Police: Intruders sought prescription pills in home invasion

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    TROUTMAN, N.C. - Troutman police are investigating a robbery and are tracking down a man and an armed woman.
    "People do crazy things," neighbor Dinah Young said.
    Police said a man woke up to a woman duct-taping his hands and mouth at his home on Klutz Street. The victim told police she had a man with her working as a lookout and a gun in her hand.
    "The female suspect had a handgun pointed at the victim's head," said Detective Sgt. Corey Richard, with the Troutman Police Department.
    The perpetrators, dressed in black, demanded money and prescription pills. Police believe the pills were the major motivation for the robbery.
    "Prescription drugs are a major target for crooks," Richard said. "They're a lot easier to get ahold of than regular narcotics, and people should keep their narcotics locked up and not advertise that they have them."
    Police believe the two either knew the victim or knew of him and knew he had prescription drugs in his home.

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