Police investigating shooting in northeast Charlotte

by: Tina Terry Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Neighbors had to rush children to safety after a shooting near a school bus stop Friday afternoon in a northeast Charlotte neighborhood.

"All of a sudden I heard a lot of gunshots. I didn't know if I wanted to duck or run," said parent Toyoka White.

After hearing the gunshots on Torrence Street around 4 p.m. Friday, her maternal instincts kicked in.

"I just had to find my babies and get them in the house as soon as possible," she said.

Her children were playing basketball outside when police pulled up to a house on Torrence Street to investigate a suspicious person in the area. Officers saw a man shooting a gun and started chasing him on foot.

"I seen the police taking cover," White said.

Police searched by helicopter and on the ground. At the same time, buses were dropping off dozens of school kids nearby. One little girl got off a bus just yards from the chaos.

A local daycare worker grabbed her and pulled her inside.

"Many police officers had guns and things out and I did not want her to get hurt not knowing what was going on," said Nita White, owner of God's Little Glory Child Care Ministry.

She brought the girl inside as dozens of police officers and gang task force investigators searched the area.

Friday night police had not released a description of the shooter, who was still on the loose.