• Police: Man fires assault rifle in fit of road rage

    By: Ken Lemon


    HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - Bradley Mahdinec is accused of firing an assault rifle in a fit of road rage Wednesday on Highway 73 in Huntersville, authorities said.
    The victim of the attack followed Mahdinec after he fired shots to make sure he didn't get away.
    Police said it happened next to a sports complex where children play.
    Officers are not certain what caused the two drivers to become angry with each other.
    At one point they were leaving Huntersville but there was some kind of incident that caused them to turn around and then stop in front of Robert Bradford Park.
    Police said that's when Mahdinec grabbed an assault rifle and fired it into the air.
    Police said the other driver called 911 and followed Mahdinec.
    Officers said when they got behind Mahdinec, he stopped and gave up without a fight.
    Neighbors said they were surprised to hear about the arrest.
    "It just seems kind of odd, the guy seems kind of quiet," said Dale Locklear.
    One neighbor said he thought Mahdinec was a security guard because he kept his AR-15 rifle with him.
    "He always carried it everywhere he went,” Anthony Parham said. "He always carried it at low, ready. He didn't have it in a case -- it was out."
    Parham said he didn’t think Mahdinec was dangerous and often saw Mahdinec playing with a child outside.
    Mahdinec is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and was in jail Thursday night.

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