• Police search for pastor accused of sex crimes against child

    By: Greg Suskin


    YORK COUNTY, S.C. - Eyewitness News was the first to learn that York police had arrest warrants for 38-year-old Corey Moses of Charlotte. 
    Those warrants accuse the church pastor of sexually touching and fondling a girl in his church, beginning in 2009, and ending late last year.
    Police said the accuser was only 14 when it started, and Moses intimidated her into staying quiet for years. However, within the last month, he left the church, and she finally felt free to tell others.
    Detective Rich Caddell is the lead investigator on the case for the York Police Department.
    "She told me that it just got to the point where she felt like she needed to tell someone, and she was concerned that, is he doing this to other children?" Caddell said.
    Moses led the New Zion Church on Highway 321 where the accuser said the incidents began.  They continued, she said, when he was pastor at Redeemed Ministries on Ross Cannon Street.  The warrant alleges that the sexual contact happened numerous times before and after church.
    Police were concerned when they learned that moses has a criminal history of similar crimes.
    In 2003, a Gaston County jury found him guilty of taking indecent liberties with two girls under 16 when he was a pastor there.  He was sentenced to almost two years in prison and two years’ probation.  He was sentenced on only one count, but had originally faced several more charges.
    After that conviction, Moses was put on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry.
    Just how he managed to become pastor at two York churches is a shock to some Channel Nine spoke to.
    "I don't understand, because I know it wasn't intended by the lord.  Who does that?" said Angelia Ross, who's familiar with the churches were Moses preached.
    It's not clear why Moses left Redeemed Ministries only a few weeks ago.  Channel 9 was not able to contact anyone who attended those churches on Thursday.
    Police also showed Channel 9 a flier advertising a conference on sexual harassment that Moses’ church hosted last year.
    Police said Moses never registered as a sex offender in South Carolina.  The law requires that any sex offender who travels to another state to work must register in that state.
    Caddell said he's shocked that Moses was able to work in the community for five years.
    "I was amazed that this guy has been able to stay in York as long as he has, undetected," he said.  "He flew under the radar."
    Channel 9 attempted to reach Moses by phone first, then at his home in northwest Charlotte.
    No one answered the door, and neighbors said they didn't know him well.
    Once Moses is arrested, police also expect to charge him with failure to register as a sex offender.
    They believe there are likely other victims, and want to urge them to come forward and call York police.

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