• Police: Registered sex offender caught spying at public pool


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Salisbury police are crediting lifeguards after a registered sex offender was caught spying on swimmers. 

    Now that man, 48-year-old Perry Quintin Simmons, is back behind bars after police said he used binoculars to spy on swimmers at the Lincoln Park Pool.

    As kids splash and play in the water, lifeguards are keeping an even closer watch.

    Police said a lifeguard spotted Simmons watching the swimmers.

    "That is pretty scary. If it happened anymore, it would make me not bring my child here," said grandmother Rosenia Macon.

    Police said when they found Simmons sitting at a picnic table, he had binoculars.

    According to Simmons’ criminal record, he has arrests spanning 30 years with convictions for crimes including attempted rape, indecent exposure and assault on a female.

    Parks and recreation director Gail Elder White said the incident with Simmons was the first at the pool.

    With summer attendance expected to double since a splash zone was added to the pool, the four on-duty lifeguards received extra training.

    "They also get a one-day training on all the city procedures and policies, as well as all the other things to look for around the facility," White said.

    Lifeguards will be watching dangers in the water and on dry land.

    Simmons was charged with being near a place for children. His bond was set at $5,000.

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