• Police say couple had $60K of drugs in home with children

    By: Dave Faherty


    A Statesville couple is locked up under a $1.5 million bond Monday night. They are accused of trafficking heroin into Iredell County. 
    When Channel 9 pulled up to the house not far from the downtown area, toys could be seen scattered across the yard.
    Police made sure the children weren't at the home when they searched it Sunday night.  
    "I was shocked,” said neighbor Lynn Jones.
    Jones is like many of the neighbors Channel 9 spoke with -- stunned by the arrest of the young Statesville couple.  
    Brandon Adams and Kayla Daye were charged with trafficking heroin after deputies said they found $60,000 worth of the drug in their home.
    "Was absolutely surprised. A lot of people don't figure that that much narcotics come into this small area. One hundred seventy grams of the drug is a lot to come in here,” said Maj. Darren Campbell, with Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.
    Investigators said some of it was already prepackaged and ready to be sold on the street. Statesville police and Iredell sheriff deputies were working separate investigations until a month ago when they learned of each other's cases and began working together. During that time, they made undercover buys from Adams, but not at the house because they didn't want neighbors to be suspicious.
    "Never have any problems out of them. They take good care of their kids and they work hard. It was a big shock,” Jones said.
    Investigators believe the heroin came from outside the country, possibly originating in Mexico. 
    Officers also seized a handgun and a bag of marijuana during the bust. Police said stopping the sale may curb other crimes in the area. 
    "Break-ins, burglaries and robberies all associated with the drug. It is a win for the city and the county,” said Chief Tom Anderson, with Statesville police.
    Channel 9 learned deputies made arrangements before the bust so the children wouldn't be at the home. The children are staying with other family members.

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