• Police say neighbors held man accused of breaking into home at gunpoint

    By: Dave Faherty


    MORGANTON, N.C. - A man is in custody after neighbors said they walked in on him breaking into a home and held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived.
    Deputies are still searching for a second suspect. This all unfolded hours ago at a home on Hartland Forest Road near Morganton.
    Neighbors said the owner has been in Florida taking care of a sick family member, so they've been keeping an eye on the house.  
    David Adair shows Channel 9 the gun he used to stop the break-in here along Hartland Forest Road near his home.
    His neighbor George Hancock heard noises coming from the residence shortly after lunch. After calling Adair, the two friends went to investigate but not before grabbing their guns first.
    "They took a step toward me. The guys did so I pulled my gun and told him, 'Freeze don't move,'” Adair said.
    "That's the problem with walking up on a person in a situation like this if they are armed, you better be.    Because you're going to be dead if not,” Hancock said.
    Sheriff deputies said the men involved in the break-in had loaded this pickup truck with furniture when they were confronted by the two neighbors. One ran off into the woods, but this man, Samuel Daves, didn't move and told us he thought he had permission to take the items from the home. 
    "The door was unlocked.    Everything checked out for me,” Daves said.
    Investigators said it appears the door had been pried open. Much of the furniture inside the home is gone and if not for the neighbors the home would have been cleaned out. 
    "The victim is not here.   They've been looking after the home.   Good neighbors,” Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisnant said.
    Channel 9 asked Daves if that's how he'd describe the two neighbors. 
    "Good neighbor? Ummm, yeah, I mean a good neighbor if you're coming over to you definitely,” Daves said.
    Investigators said neither man had permission to go into the home.

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