Police search for burglars after 2 pawn shops broken into

by: Ken Lemon Updated:


LINCOLNTON, N.C. - Burglars smashed their way into two pawn shops in Lincolnton, and both break-ins were caught on tape.
Police said at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, two men broke the glass door of Riverside Gold Exchange and stole jewelry from the display cases inside.
About 10 minutes later, video captured a car pulling up to the front door at the Lincolnton Pawn Shop.

"I have been in business 23 years and this is really the first time it's happened to us," owner Anthony Morrison said.
Morrison showed Channel 9 the large block the thieves used to break into his store.
He has a message for them tonight.
"Get your life straight. Get yourself a job,” he said.
Police believe it's the same men.
The cameras there capture better images of a man with his face covered using a concrete block to break the glass door.
He goes straight to the gun display cases, sees that they are empty and leaves.
The owner clears the shelves every night and restocks them in the morning.
The thief showed no interest in the thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and electronics.
Police said they worry about what he might have done with stolen guns.
“He wouldn't take them and sell them to a law-abiding citizen,” said Detective Dennis Harris with Lincolnton Police Department.

They want to make sure that he and the other man with him are caught before they have the chance to try again.
"Large amount of guns getting put on the street by a criminal could be very dangerous,” Harris said.