Police search for driver after 6-year-old hit, injured

by: Erica Bryant Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A 6-year-old girl is home with a broken leg after police said someone hit her with a car, then drove off. The community is shaken by the incident and children said they don't feel safe.

It happened Tuesday night on Dunn Commons Parkway off Rozelles Ferry Road in northwest Charlotte.

The accident left Eva Mejia with a pink cast.

"It felt like something went over my leg," she said.

Eva was walking home when she slipped and fell in the street.

"I was trying to pick her up and waving my hands stop and the car hit her and she started crying," said witness Andrew Adams. "There was a tire mark on her leg."

Adams said the driver then got out of his car.

"The man got out and said, 'I didn't hit her,' and kept on going," he said.

Eva's uncle, Samuel Gomez, said the man should be ashamed.

"I think it's very cruel and I want the person to just think how they would feel if their brother or sister was hit and left like that," Gomez said. "Just see what it's like to be in our shoes, you know."

Children in the neighborhood are left on edge.

"I am scared," Adams said.

"I was really scared and crying and everything," said Luis Mejia.

The community is taking precautions.

"I'm going to be more careful crossing the street, and if they cross the street, I will watch them, too," Luis Mejia said.

The community is on the lookout for the driver who took off.

"I hope that they catch him," Gomez said. "I hope he is caught and charged to the fullest extent of the law."

The witnesses, mostly children, said the driver had dark skin and was wearing a hat and all-black clothing.

They said he was behind the wheel of a gold Volvo. Police have not released a description of the vehicle.