Police seek person who shot, killed man in Grier Heights

by: Linzi Sheldon Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 29-year-old man Wednesday night in Grier Heights.

Police said Michael Donnell Anthony was found with a gunshot wound near the intersection of Dunn Avenue and Orange Street.

Mable Davis saw the police arrive at this intersection.

"My heart goes out to the family," she said.

It's the second shooting in November in Grier Heights.

Just 10 days ago, Jenea Sylvester was shot in the head but survived.

At the end of April and in early May, the neighborhood saw three shootings in the span of two weeks. Two people died.

Donnie Daughtery with the CrossRoads Corporation, started in 2008 by Myers Park Presbyterian Church to revitalize the area, said despite the violence, she feels they've been making progress. She said the organization is more committed and optimistic than ever.

"That doesn't give us cause for quitting what we do," she said. "It's an unfortunate, very sad thing to happen but we all want to continue on."

In October, they broke ground on eight homes in Grier Heights. They plan to build 36 in all.

Daughtery said they've had more volunteers joining CrossRoads in the past year and estimates they now have about 250 to 300 people helping out in the community.

She said next year, they hope to raise money to renovate the neighborhood community center and continue a year-round middle school tutoring program.

"It seems like it's gotten better," Stanley Smith, who's lived in the neighborhood for about 10 years, said.

He credits the new homes and CMPD's efforts to patrol the neighborhood more.

"I think they come around in the community and go up and down the streets," he said. "It really makes me feel a whole lot better."

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