TIMELINE: Police detail of events in officer-involved shooting


September 14, 2013

  • Around 2:30 a.m. Saturday Jonathan Ferrell knocked on a woman's door on Reedy Creek Road, possibly looking for help after a car accident.
  • The woman thought it was her husband at the door, so she answered it, and got scared when she saw Ferrell, closing the door on him.
  • The resident called 911.
  • Three officers arrived moments later.
  • When police got there, they said Ferrell, who wasn't armed, ran toward them.
  • One officer tried to hit Ferrell with a stun gun.
  • The stun gun didn't phase Ferrell, who kept running toward Officer Randall Kerrick.
  • Kerrick shot and killed Ferrell at the scene.
  • Late Saturday, Chief Rodney Monroe determined Kerrick used excessive force to defend himself and was charged with voluntary manslaughter.
  • Kerrick was released from jail on bond.
  • The other two officers who were on scene were placed on paid leave.

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