President Obama leaves Charlotte, officially ending DNC



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - President Barack Obama, the first lady and the Bidens have left Charlotte Friday to campaign in New Hampshire.

Channel 9 reporter Mark Becker was at the Air National Guard base at the airport from which Air Force One departed.

The president and first lady visited with Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and his family briefly to say goodbye.

They then headed up the stairs and turned for one last wave goodbye to the Queen City, officially ending the Democratic National Convention.

The president left at 10:15 a.m., but preparations were well under way for his departure early Friday.

The security at the base was tight, and Secret Service agents performed a security sweep once everyone was in place.

All media members went through a wanding process, and agents swept all of the equipment with dogs specially trained to detect explosives.

On Wednesday, the president spent 30 minutes greeting people after his arrival in Charlotte for the DNC.

This most likely won’t be the last time Charlotte residents get to see the president before the election, with North Carolina being a battleground state.