Protester arrested at Sunday march plans to fight charges



BOONE, N.C. - An Appalachian State University student arrested Sunday during the protest spoke to Eyewitness News about the nine hours she was in police custody.

Anna Marie Wright showed Eyewitness News how she pulled her scarf up during the protest march.  It wasn't long after her hands were behind her back and in handcuffs.  

She was only one of two people in a crowd of nearly 1,000 arrested and charged Sunday. 

"Occasionally, I would put it up over my face to wipe away the sweat and cool myself down and an officer told me to take it off,” Wright said.

The initial contact with police led to officers spotting an X-Acto knife in Wright's rear pocket.  She showed Channel Nine similar 2-inch blades.  

"They were screaming she has a weapon, she has a weapon, and I was immediately taken away from the march,” Wright said.

Wright showed Channel 9 the arrest warrant and the charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

She said she kept the knife in her pocket for protection when walking across campus at night and didn't think police would consider it a weapon.  

"I was there to support and be non-violent and show them that I am a non-violent person,” Wright said. “So that's not going to stop me and I'm going to still continue to do that.”

Wright plans on fighting the misdemeanor charge when she goes to court in October.