Romney visits Charlotte for fundraiser

by: Scott Wickersham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - On Wednesday, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was in Charlotte.

He was in town for a fundraiser at the Duke Mansion in Myers Park with some big names in NASCAR.

As Romney's motorcade rolled into the Duke Mansion, he was greeted by protestors, some from as far away as Durham, and a huge check for $250,000 -- what they say his tax plan would give back to millionaires.

“Allowing the really rich people to pray on middle-class America, but not having to pay taxes on all those millions,” said Carolyn Roger-Stone from Durham.

Some signs called him a Robin Hood for the rich, taking from the poor.

“We're here to tell Mr. Romney our citizens deserve Social Security, and Medicaid matters for those less fortunate,” said Dennis Garrett with Action NC.

But just a mile away, women were on the phone to drum up support for Romney.

“He has succeeded in life. It would make a great president for us,” Connie Prevost said.

Part of the group North Carolina Women for Mitt Romney, they defended Wednesday’s fundraiser.

“I think anybody with a big political event like that gathers people who are big donors,” Louise Hamford said.

North Carolina  Rep. Ruth Samuelson fired back against recent Democratic attack ads that say it's a frightening time to be a woman with Romney running for the White House.

“Women had suffered economically in this recession as much as everybody, and women as much as everybody want pro-business policies,” Samuelson said.

It’s a political back-and-forth that will only intensify as the DNC in Charlotte gets closer, and protests like the one on Wednesday get much bigger.