• Recovery process continues for woman attacked by dog


    CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. - Patricia Ogle, 73, can laugh about her situation now.

    “Oh, I am feeling great,” she said. “I am really feeling good now.”

    But the scars from the fight for her life are still very visible.

    “My ear was torn about off,” Ogle said.

    She cannot remember everything about her three weeks in the hospital, but she remembers hearing her chances for survival were slim.

    “I feel like I have done something,” she said. “They didn't think I was going make it.”

    Ogle's daughter-in-law had a seizure in their home near Lawndale last month. When she tried to help, the woman's pit bull misread her actions and knocked her down.

    Ogle doesn't remember pleading with Animal Control officers to let the dog stay in the home. She said she remembers hours later, her daughter-in-law had another seizure.

    “I turned to call 911,” Ogle said.

    That's when the same dog, Charlie, viciously attacked her.

    “That pit bull may have been bigger than me, but…” Ogle said.

    She doesn't know how she managed to get him off  of her.

    “When you want to live -- I mean, I had something to live for,” Ogle said.

    She said she's maintained that fighting spirit the entire time.

    “I'm going to keep on going,” she said.

    And that's why Ogle thinks she lived when others didn't think she would.

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