• Red Cross helps dozens displaced by flooding


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Red Cross is helping dozens of people displaced by flooding try to find a place to stay on Sunday night.

    Nine apartment units were damaged at Cedars East Court in east Charlotte right off of Idlewild Road.

    Officials said as soon as the bad weather hit, the creek behind the Arcadian Village apartments began to overflow.

    The Red Cross said as many as 30 people has been affected, 17 adults and 13 children.

    Officals said in some apartments the water came up as far as the knees.

    Right now crews are working to get the water out and make the apartments dry.

    "It was shocking. It just happened real quick. As fast as it came was as fast as it went," said Maintenance Technician Damian Keenan.

    Crews said they will be working into the night to get rid of all of the water inside.


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